Life in a Mobility Scooter

Warnings and Precautions for Mobility Scooter Users

Precaution 1: Mobility scooter users who have pneumatic tires on their scooters should regularly have the air pressure in their tires checked. The recommended cycle is having the air pressure in the tires checked at least once a week.

Maintaining the right inflation pressure prolongs the life of mobility scooter tires and keeps the operation of your scooter smooth.

Warning 1: It is critical that the air pressure indicated on each tire of your mobility scooter is maintained for pneumatic tires at all times. Tires should not be under-inflated or over-inflated. Under-inflation could result in loss of control of your mobility scooter whereas over-inflation can result in tires bursting.

Precaution 2: There is a maximum weight capacity that a mobility scooter can safely manage. It is mandatory that one stays within the specified maximum weight capacity of the mobility scooter. Loading a mobility scooter with more weight than it is supposed to handle will firstly void the warranty and can result in injuries due to toppling, loss of balance, etc.

Warning 2: Passengers should not be carried on a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters are normally designed for only one person. Doing this might result in the mobility scooter tipping and falling as carrying a passenger affects the center of gravity of the scooter.

Precaution 3: It is now a norm for buildings to have ramps to facilitate the handicapped. When on a mobility scooter, one should drive with caution when approaching the downgrade of an incline and do not take wide swings around any tight corners.